UFS offers a wide range of Instrumentation to provide reliable and accurate measurement that is affordable and easy to use.

TruIDL™ Data Logger

This affordable, miniature, submersible data logger with intuitive interface measures and records voltage on the surface of your ware as it travels through an E-coat paint tank. 

After a run, the portable module connects to your computer via a mini USB cable and allows you to quickly analyze the Excel based data to: 

  • Monitor the condition of anode cells for optimal E-Coat tank efficiency 
  • Ensure enhanced quality ware through preventative maintenance
  • Diagnose grounding shoe issues and rectifier AC ripple magnitude 

This low-cost diagnostic tool is a “must have” for automotive and appliance manufacturers as well as small job shops.

TruAmp 100™ Logger

The TruAmp Logger is a tool to help determine useful life of an anode cell. The pre-programmed Logger is attached to the cable lead when the anode cell is new. It measures amp-hours delivered to an anode cell over an extended time period to estimate its ion-exchange membrane design life-span. Anode cell replacement can be scheduled, as opposed to emergency ordering.  Please see the Product Data Sheet here.

New Generation Anode Monitor

This system is designed with the end-user in mind, eliminating the need to visit the E-coat tank to record data from all the anode cell amp meters. The monitor will collect real-time data and display the DC amps for each Anode Cell. Also shown is the most recent peak value and a running tally of amp-hours for each Anode Cell. 

The system includes a Hall Effect electric current sensor for each anode and a PLC for collecting the data. The PLC screen can visualize the data using color codes to show quickly which anodes are out of spec. A remote viewing program allows the PLC data to be sent to any PC on the company’s network. Please see the Product Data Sheet Here.

Replenishment Paint Feeder System

The Replenishment Paint Feeder System allows for paint to be added only as required. By measuring amp-hours, it provides consistent paint additions resulting in less variation in E-coat film thickness. As a result, variable costs will be considerably less. Replacement paint is added throughout the day as needed, allowing additional savings because of reduced manpower. 

A complete system includes: an amp-hour controller, one pump for each paint component, pump suction kit, magnetic proximity switch for counting pump cycles, and static mixer. 

Piston pumps are recommended because they are more reliable than diaphragm pumps. Whether your paint is delivered in 55 gallon drums or totes there is a complete package available.  Please see the Product Data Sheet here.


Anolyte Conductivity Controller

UFS offers a Myron L digital conductivity controller pre-installed in a metal enclosure. This controller will work with either anodic or cathodic paint systems, and has a range of 0-20 milli-Siemens/cm (same as 0-20,000 milli-Mho/cm). It has a set of dry contacts that close on rising conductivity so a DI water valve can be turned on to add water and dilute the anolyte conductivity to below its set point.  Please see the Product Data Sheet here.


TigerMag Flowmeter

Proper knowledge of actual E-coat paint flow is important in troubleshooting UF performance. An electromagnetic flowmeter installed in-line before the ultrafilter system will provide consistent day to day readings of paint flow through the Elements. UFS promotes the use of the TigerMag brand of flowmeter in accordance with paint company recommendations.  Please see the Product Data Sheet here.


Permeate Flow Equipment

Permeate Flow data is important to collect and analyze as well. With a paddle wheel sensor installed at the output of each UF element, permeate flow data is collected in the PLC. This equipment can be retrofitted to any spiral wound UF System.  Contact UFS for additional information here.