Looking to Change Out Your Anode Cells?....Curious About Switching Vendors?  Try UFS Corporation's TECTRON™ Anode Cell Evaluation Program!


In 2014, UFS will provide up to two TECTRON Anode Cells at no cost to a qualified E-coat end-user. The customer must be using a crescent-shaped (“c-cell”), box type anode cell, or a competitor’s small diameter tubular anode cell.

  • For those using a box type anode cell, UFS will provide two TECTRON Large Diameter Anode Cells to replace the equivalent anode area of one box anode cell. 
  • For those using crescent-shaped anode cell, UFS will provide one TECTRON Large Diameter Anode Cell to replace a crescent-shaped anode cell.
  • For those using a competitive small diameter tubular anode cell, UFS will provide one TECTRON Anode Cell of equal or larger diameter.

To receive the TECTRON Anode Cell(s) at no cost, the end-user will agree to: 

  • Install the trial TECTRON Anode Cell(s) within 30 days of receipt. 
  • Allow access by UFS personnel (or authorized agent) on a regular basis to
    inspect the Cell(s), measure performance and mark progress.

In exchange for the opportunity to provide the trial Anode Cell(s), UFS will provide: 

  • Free shipping to the plant location. 
  • Mounting hardware compatible with the existing anode cell mounting arrangement. 
  • Adapters for the anolyte supply, anolyte return and electrical connection. 
  • Anode Cell inspection on a regular basis, with written evaluation reports after each visit. 
  • Return shipment costs if the Anode Cell is found to be defective or un-usable in the E-Coat system.

To get started, please complete a Site Survey Form (Bulletin #999101) – pages one through five. Once the tank data has been reviewed, a proposed Anode Cell drawing and a no charge sales order will be forwarded to the end-user contact person for approval. After end-user approved, the trial evaluation unit(s) will be produced and delivered per the end-user’s request. 

 Click here for our Site Survey Forms for UF, ME and Tank Information.