OLED Displays


Volts x Seconds


# of Seconds



AC Voltage.png

DC Voltage

AC ripple.png

AC Ripple

Operating Range:


DC Voltage 0-500V DC 

AC Voltage 0-90 V AC (Peak to Peak)

*Note-This value is an estimate of actual AC sine wave. 

Accuracy 10-40 C  (50 -104 F) 

Resolution 12 bit ADC (analog to digital conversion) 

Voltage 0.125 V 

Temperature .3C (.5F)

Accuracy +/- 2.5%

Frequency 32Mhz

Technical Specifications


Weight 70 grams (2.5 oz)

Dimensions 35 mm dia. X 60 mm tall

(1.385 in. W x 2.5 in. H)


Carrying Case

Can hold up to five modules 22.1 cm L x

19.05 cm W x 9.91 cm H (8.7 in. L x 7.5 in.

W 3.9 in.)


Logger Construction PETG, Clear body with blue cap  




  • Small size; the TruPoint Logger can be easily attached to most any spot on the ware.

  • No wires, no spreadsheets, no PC needed.

  • Easily reset with two tilts for subsequent runs.

  • Maximum voltage, temperature and other information is displayed on an OLED screen.

  • Uses a Micro USB cable to re-charge the Lithium polymer battery.

  • The Logger is durable. It is designed to last with daily use over the course of a year or longer.



  • Carrying case w/foam cuts.

  • Micro USB cable, Wall USB Charger.

  • 9 volt battery and test clips.

  • Nylon Brush.

  • Petroleum Jelly.

  • Quick Start.

  • TSA & Customs Forms.



  • Daily use helps to diagnose potential E-coat issues

  • Fast and easy placement on ware.

  • Small and lightweight.

  • Icons make it language neutral.

  • Icon information is user friendly.



  • Unit must be removed prior to the oven.

  • Clean up only with isopropyl alcohol.

  • Running through pretreat might shorten life; not recommended for phosphoric acid bath.

  • Set-up allows you to customize how unit operates.

  • Calibration screens enable unit to be updated as required.