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UF A to Z 

This guide will assist you to better understand the UltraFilter (UF) system that is working in
your E-coat paint System.

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In E-coat, Anode Cells have two primary functions.  As the opposing electrode to the part being painted, they flush excess acid from the paint bath.  UFS Corporation introduced the first tubular Anode Cell to the US market in 1985.  The TECTRON Tubular Anode Cell’s superior design offers improved performance when compared to box and semi-circular type anode cells.   


Ultrafiltration (UF) Machines separate excess water from the E-Coat paint bath, which keeps paint bath chemistry in balance.  UFS Corporation’s UF Systems are designed to accept any ‘7640 Type’ UF Element, thereby allowing the customer to purchase elements from their supplier of choice. Our systems allow individual elements to be taken off-line for cleaning, replacement or ‘rest’ without placing stress on the remaining elements. 

Soldering circuit board

Our instrumentation products allow users to visualize results and quantify metrics for system optimization, preventive maintenance, and product quality management. 

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