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10-40C (50-104F)

20 min

Charge Time

Temperature Units

C/ F





0-500 V DC

0-90 V AC


197 gr (.434 lbs) 

TruIDL Data Logger


The TruIDL (Immersible Data Logger) measures voltage over the surface of the ware as it moves through the tank in an E-coat paint system. Voltage is directly related to the amount of E-coat paint film that has formed on the ware, and the TruIDL enables run data to be quickly analyzed. The TruIDL is battery powered and communications are handled by a Mini USB connection. Your PC along with Microsoft Excel (2007-13) is used to communicate with the Logger. Once removed from the ware after the last rinse, the TruIDL’s run data is downloaded back to the same Excel file for viewing.