10-40C (50-104F)

20 min

Charge Time

Temperature Units

C/ F





0-500 V DC

0-90 V AC


197 gr (.434 lbs) 

TruIDL Data Logger


The TruIDL (Immersible Data Logger) measures voltage over the surface of the ware as it moves through the tank in an E-coat paint system. Voltage is directly related to the amount of E-coat paint film that has formed on the ware, and the TruIDL enables run data to be quickly analyzed. The TruIDL is battery powered and communications are handled by a Mini USB connection. Your PC along with Microsoft Excel (2007-13) is used to communicate with the Logger. Once removed from the ware after the last rinse, the TruIDL’s run data is downloaded back to the same Excel file for viewing.


Miniature; battery operated; up to 10 voltage sensors.


USB connectivity to computer; uses Microsoft Excel as the communications portal.


LED lights display functional working status.

Leak proof container; grounding via magnets or auxiliary wire; carrying case.


Measures Bath Temperature (TC10 only).


Voltage sensor coiled wire is color-coded to simplify record keeping for placement locations on the ware.



Carrying case w/foam cuts.


Micro USB cable, Wall USB Charger.


9 volt battery and test clips.


Nylon Brush.


Petroleum Jelly.


Quick Start.


TSA & Customs Forms.



Quantifies the film thickness.


Can be installed before pretreatment with


Harness Extension cable or Protective Jacket (optional).


Monitors overall performance of anode cells and alerts to possible poor performance, grounding, and DC rectifier issues.


Measures as many as 10 places over a large or complex ware shape.


Can be used along with/or in lieu of Anode Monitor System.



Adjustable sample rates from 0.062 seconds per sample up to 4 seconds per sample.


Only control is a tilt switch.


Over sampling is a parameter to compensate for noisy conditions by using an averaging process.


The TC5 & TC10 TruIDL Logger are for cathodic E-coat paint tank. TC5A is the anodic version.

Circuit Board






Technical Specifications

Set Up 


Temperature Units: C or F 

Interzone Time Out: 0-200 seconds 

Trigger DC V Level: 5,6,7,or 8 V DC 

Battery Charge Time: 20 minutes with wall charger 

Battery Type and Rating: Lithium polymer: 4.2 V @ 90 mAh 

Battery: Awake~90 minutes Sleep~2 weeks 

(Recharge if needed) 

Weight: 197 grams (.434 lbs) 

Dimensions: 8.3 cm ø x 4.5 cm tall (3.27"x1.77")   

Carrying Case: Weight 200 grams (5lbs) 27.4cm x 25cm x 11.4cm (10.7"x 9.8"x 4.5") 

Logger Construction: PETG, clear body with blue cap 

Operating Range

DC Voltage: 0-500 V DC 

AC Voltage: 0-90 V AC 

Accuracy: 10-40 C (50-104 F) 

Resolution: 12 bti ADC (analog to digital conversion)  

Voltage: 0.125 V 

Temperature: 0.3C (.5 F) 

Accuracy: +/- 2.5%  

Frequency: 32MHz 



DC Voltage: 150-400 V, 10 V Increments

Temperature: 27.4-42.4 C, 0.2 C Increments

(81-109 F) 

Accelerometer: To awaken/ arm 

Sample rate: 32x Second 

Two User Buttons: For setup/ Calibration

MicroUSB Connection: Charge battery only 

Reset: Remove Cap to press button 

Max Log Time: 1 hour