Logger has 5 LEDs, each one represents 20% of design life. If all 5 are lit, there is between 80% and 100% of useful life remaining; if 4 are lit, remaining life is 60% to 80%, and so on. When only one LED is lit, it is time to plan replacement of the anode cell.


When the last red LED flashes, then less than 10% of life is left.


Ion-Exchange membrane useful life is estimated with algorithm formulated over 35+ years of observing anode cell operation and is based upon the surface of the anode cell.


Small size fits easily on the electric cable lead, and uses a Hall Effect sensor to measure current.


Fits all wire sizes up to a #2 cable, 13 mm (0.51 in.) O.D. max and anode cells with an ion-exchange membrane surface area up to 1.5m^2 

(16.1 SF).

*Included are wire centering devices for smaller wires. 


Includes a self-contained standard CR2032 battery and microprocessor.


Has capacity to measure up to 125 amps and anode cells up to



Battery voltage is monitored by separate LEDs.


Not reusable.


The Logger is compatible with Box Cells, C Cells and Tubular Anode Cells.


LEDs illuminate with the push of a button.


Even after all the LEDs have been exhausted, the E-coat operator can test for electric current passing through the anode cell by using a hand-held ammeter.


UFS recommends installing a TruAmp100 Logger on each brand new anode cell/membrane shell/

membrane change.


The TruAmp100 Logger is a suitable option when budget constraints do not allow the purchase of a New Generation Anode Monitor - (PLC Based System that provides real time current data plus tallies amp hours).



Forecast spare parts purchasing with enough lead time to avoid un- scheduled shutdown or emergency ordering.


No more guessing when the ion- exchange membrane needs to be changed.


It is possible to reduce the expense by purchasing a TruAmp100 for each anode cell on just one side of the tank.


The cells on the other side do not need their own as their current demand will be very similar. If there are more than 20 cells on just one side, then it is possible to further reduce by purchasing a TruAmp100 for every 3rd or 4th cell. 


Cost effective and practical.



Weight: 55 grams

Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.8 x 1.27cm (2.16x1.5.5in)

Cable Passageway: 13.5mm ID



Membrane Life: Displayed with 5 LEDs

Battery Voltage: Red (Low) Green (Ok)

TruAmp100 Guard R2.jpg


Capacity: 125 Amp DC

Accuracy: +/-5%  

Microprocesor: 8 bit

Controls: Momentary Button

Sample Rate: 1/8 sec

Memory: Non Volatile

Case: PLA material

Battery Type/Rating: Coin CR2032-3V @ 240mAhr

Battery Life: ~5 years if button is pressed once a month


TruAmp Logger

The TruAmp100/150 Logger measures amp-hours delivered to an anode cell over an extended time period to estimate its ion-exchange membrane design life-span. The pre-programmed Logger provides E-coat tank operators an objective means to determine when an anode cell’s ion-exchange membrane will reach the end of its useful life. Anode cell replacement can be scheduled, as opposed to emergency ordering.