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New Generation Anode Monitor

The New Generation Anode Monitor is designed to measure and visualize the peak amps and amp-hours flowing through each Anode Cell in the E-coat tank. This information is viewed on the color display of the Unitronics PLC and also remotely on the lab PC via Ethernet

Soldering circuit board
Remote Panels

120 VAC 1 Phase ( 1 Amp) Power Supply

Circuit Board

24V Power Supply

Hall Effect

5V Power Supply

Soldering circuit board
Ethernet Port

(Built into PLC) 

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Exterior Panel

62 Cell Capacity 

-Remote Panel option for more cells   

Cell Status

Peak Values recorded onto SD

Color Coded current

AH Setup.jpg

Interior View

Home Screen

PLC Visualization for quick performance feedback

Hardware Setup

Customized visualization program

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