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UFS Corporation introduced the first tubular type TECTRON Anode Cell to the United States market in 1985. Its two-part construction, with a removable anode inserted inside a Membrane Shell, is lightweight, easily-inspected and maintained; and is adaptable to fit anywhere in the E-coat tank.Each TECTRON Anode Cell is custom-manufactured to our customer’s specifications, allowing material and configuration choices appropriate for each individual E-coat system. Membrane type, anode material, diameter, mounting system, top-of-cell configuration are examples of customizations we have done for our customers. We are always willing to work with our customers to engineer and manufacture new approaches to particular system needs.

Designed to Perform

The cylindrical geometry of the TECTRON Anode Cell is key to its long life experienced by most of our customers. As the cross-section drawings on the opposite page depict, the membrane circumference is greater than the anode circumference. The size difference results in more ion-exchange membrane area for electrical current to pass through. The outcome is lower membrane current density and longer life.


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